Welcome to Hook Lighthouse

Lighthouses have a magic and mysticism of their own; none more so than the 13th Hook LighthouseCentury Hook Lighthouse. Come and explore the fascinating history of the world’s oldest working lighthouse established from a beacon in the 6th century to a grand tower built by the ‘greatest knight that ever lived’ William Marshall to generations of devoted light keepers protecting lives at sea.

Today you can be guided up the 115 well worn spiral steps of the tower and explore the thick walled chamber, with each ascending step trail the daily and nightly ritual of every light keeper who served at Hook Lighthouse.

Journey through the ages of the world’s oldest working lighthouse and learn the tales and fascinating stories of those who spent their lives watching over the safety of those at sea from your first meeting with the life-sized hologram figure of St. Dubhan, who tells of perishing nights spent with his fellow monks in the 5th century warning sailors against the dangers with a beacon they kept alight on the headland.


Climb further and meet another life-sized figure, Strongbow’s son in law William Marshal, lauded with the title ‘the greatest knight that ever lived’. Marshal tells of his empire in the Southeast of Ireland and how he built the lighthouse tower in the 13th century in order to guide shipping to his Port at New Ross, Wexford.

Onwards you will discover the real-life stories of the Light keepers and their families and as you reach the four-storey high balcony at the top of the tower, enjoy the vista of the steely blue seas and the graveyard of 1,000 ships including the great Cromwell flagship ‘Great Lewis’ in the 17th century. Enjoy the marine visitors, as you will spot dolphins, seals and even whales.

Back at ground level enjoy the visitor centre and gift shop and be sure to leave some time for a tasty lunch or treat at the Café before you journey on to explore the heritage sites and landmarks imprinted on the Hook Peninsula dating from monastic times to the Normans to the Knights Templar. Explore the majestic beauty of Tintern Abbey, to the 12th Century Dunbrody Abbey, one of the finest examples of a Cistercian Monastery in Ireland; you will find a rich tapestry of Irish history wherever you turn on the Hook Peninsula.

Hook Lighthouse Visitor Centre Café

Rated as a ‘must see’ by Tripadvisor and dubbed the ‘flashiest lighthouse in the world’ by Lonely Planet, Hook Lighthouse is waiting to welcome you!
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